Dedicated to the memory of Calvin 2000-2020

This site is a tribute to Calvin, our deeply loved son, brother, grandson, cousin, nephew and friend to so many. He will always be a precious part of us. Please share your thoughts with us, including any memories of him, how you loved him, laughed with him and were influenced by knowing him. 

Calvin’s 21st Birthday

It will be Calvin's 21st Birthday on the 27th March. Under other circumstances, we would love to get together with you to remember him, but given current Covid restrictions, we thought it would be special if friends and family chose to remember him in their own way on his birthday and share with us on this site how you chose to mark the day.

Please don't feel under any pressure if you'd rather not do anything and/or tell us about it. Whatever happens, we know that you still love him and miss him.

Live Stream of Calvin's Funeral

If you would like to watch a download of the service, please contact Calvin's family.


2nd November 2020 at 12:00 pm


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The 27th March 2021 was the day our family thought we would celebrate Calvin’s 21st birthday. The day is here but not Calvin. The finality of death is heart-breaking to accept, especially the death of someone as young as Calvin. To get peace and acceptance we need to stay close to the God of all comfort through prayer and reading his word. This is our prayer for Brian, Ruth and Eva, that God will grant them peace and acceptance in their tragic loss. As we all feel sorrow at our family’s great loss, we ask God to give us strength to thank him for 20 years of Calvin’s life. As his grandparents we were so proud of our dear grandson, but in death we are even more proud of the young man he had become. We have been touched and saddened by the tributes written about him, by his childhood, school, rugby and university friends, his family and a young man who had worked with him last year. The stories were all personal memories they all had of Calvin, individual memories that all said the same things in a different way. He was caring and helpful to others always trying to make them feel they were important and not feel left out. One of his friends said, “Calvin liked everyone and was always quick to defend them when someone was berating them.” His kindness to others was a theme in all the tributes. Even in the midst of our sorrow and pain we are amazed to hear how our grandson was thought of so highly by his peers. It is wonderful that in such a short life he has left beautiful memories of love, kindness, concern and empathy for others. God endowed Calvin with a good brain, and he was talented trumpet and rugby player, but he was not conceited. He showed humility and was always able to laugh at himself. Compassion, kindness, humility and empathy for others are all recorded for us in the Bible as essential attributes for all Christians. Jesus showed them in his life on earth and we as his followers must show them in our lives. We thank God that Calvin showed these attributes in his short life and we thank all who have contributed to this site. Without your tributes we, his grandparents, would never have known how much our grandson was loved and held in such high esteem and how he helped and encouraged others. We have often heard that ability blossoms under encouragement and Calvin always loved helping and encouraging others. We thank God for his kind, considerate and encouraging manner. These are the beautiful memories we now hold dear and give our heartfelt thanks to those who shared your memories of Calvin. Yes, we grieve but also have joy in knowing our grandson loved and was loved by so many and will spend eternity in heaven with his saviour Jesus Christ. Trevor and Carol
Carol April 4th, 2021
The run up towards Calvin's birthday was a difficult time for myself. I was unsure how it would all feel and, in these unusual times, what could I do to remember him. The Scotland v France game was on the night before and it felt like the definition of a bittersweet moment. Calvin would've loved it! Probably would've been on his feet for the entire time the clock was in the red and shouting abuse at the French player who didn't kick it out after a Scottish turnover. I thought a lot about Brian and how many of these memories the two of them must've shared. The next morning was difficult, difficult to smile and remember the good times. I wanted to take part of the day just for him. I was receiving my second vaccine that day so I knew I would have around 1.5 hours to myself for Calvin. In the car I wanted to listen to something that reminded me of him and the first person that came to mind was Bruce Springstreen. It was lovely. I sang aloud the songs I knew and reflected on the past year. Reflecting on how devastating and unfair it has been for so many. But following my vaccine, there came a sense of hope for the future and thankfulness for what Calvin passed on to me. He is deeply, deeply missed and I love him. Fergal
Fergal March 30th, 2021
We celebrated your birthday over a special evening meal where I shared some memories of you with my dear friends. A cheers to you Calvin! We miss you dearly. xx Han
Hannah March 29th, 2021


Thinking of you and your amazing friendliness and kindness a lot today. Miss you
Lit by Jen on November 26th, 2020
Dear Calvin, The message started me up that day as I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears. I thought for a second that perhaps I was having one of those bad dreams that dissolve in the morning. “Just a bad dream,” I remember telling myself. Yet the message persisted, and I was confused – I still am. Your passing, dear Calvin, came as a heavy blow to me that I can never recover from. It was like a thick nimbus suddenly encompassed everything that I thought was good, all the future jokes I was planning on breaking to you. However, I hope you are well wherever you are Calvin– I hope still above all else that you’d be here with us. I lit this bright virtual candle to let you know that you’ll be greatly missed and forever remain my good, inspiring, and exciting guy for a good number of reasons. I’ve included the ones that are most personal to me. Many will agree that you were full to the bream with humour and always reflecting your bright and intoxicating personality towards other people. The first reason I’ll miss you greatly for is your funny jokes: how you’d crack me up all the time. I sometimes would continue regurgitating your funny sayings after you said them, and this kept reminding me of you. Even when I’d be having a sad day meeting you and your exciting outlook on life literally lighted me up. I still wonder where you used to download all those hilarious jokes – but now I’ll never know. Not only did you inspire me to show my teeth from time to time, but you also proved to be a kind and patient person. In my eyes, you’re one of the only few people who showed me such a welcoming ambience. It was in one of my best plans ever to get to know much more personally, but the rushed nature of tertiary education always came in the way – I wish we could have dialogued a little bit more. Another inspiring trait you displayed was tolerance and an unruffled inner self. I would never forget how patient and calm spirited you were around me. Your patience manifested with the way you’d socialise with me, the way you treated me when I visited at your house and how you generally treated everyone around you – I have experienced this first-hand and always wished I could really know you even more. I can’t begin to think about what playing table tennis will be like without you. Life without running around the table tennis board while laughing all the way is going to be very different. The table tennis games that I'd play at your house were about all the table tennis I’ve ever played in my whole life and you made it a very exciting first experience – always making the game even more challenging and fun for me. I miss the peppermint tea that you'd brew for me when I visited, the marvellous time that we spent together in Pitlockery and the fun times that I got to learn about the kind of person that you are. I’d like to seize this opportunity to deeply thank you for all the times we've shared together. Thank you, Calvin Donnelly, from the deepest depths of my heart. Always here for you my guy!!!
Lit by Peniel Mubita on November 12th, 2020
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