Fergal October 24th, 2020

Calvin, A jack of all trades and master of some (except tennis), you were so talented at everything you did. At school, you never seemed phased by anything and were the best person to come to for help. Outside of school, whether it was sports, socialising or simply as a best friend, you were always reliable, always available and always cared. Those qualities are something I aspire to possess as I witnessed daily how positively impactful it was on your friends and family’s lives. Sharing the 3 best weeks of my life with you inter-railing around Europe is something I will never forget. The memories that the 6 of us have are something I look back on everyday and will forever be timeless. Despite being 150 miles away while at uni, I was lucky to speak to you each day over the past 3 years. I also got to visit you in Glasgow a few times - lucky that Jen lived there. We had some great parties too, going around together and meeting new people like some sort of a dynamic duo. You came to Aberdeen and brought (alcoholic) gifts for my flatmates, another example of your nature. They quickly got the sense of why you were so important to me. I’m so glad we had those few nights together. There is so much more to share and I’m certain there will be many times we get together and talk about your finest and funniest moments. Alongside these larger, more obvious memories, there are also so many smaller things you did to help others, almost subconsciously, that were always thoughtful and kind. I will miss you greatly but I know you’re not gone from our lives. Instead you’ll be a part of me always and for that I am so thankful. With love, Fergal