Alec October 28th, 2020

Calvin I feel so robbed of what I thought was going to be a long friendship but losing you has caused me to look back on all the time we have had together - time that was so good and special to me. I can confidently say that you, Jack and I were a menace to SU’s attempt of a fair game of cricket - no one stood a chance until you were separated from Jack and I to balance out the field. Your name will go down in Lendrick Muir history as an unfair asset to the other team. Then there was our legendary rendition of The Lion King where, naturally, you were the Nala to my Simba. An award winning performance. Seeing Scotland play around the world with you highlighted just how comparatively uneducated in the Scottish 15 I am. It would also be a crime not to mention that you made one classy G&T. I saw you for the last time in the summer and looking over the city from the Crags is a moment I will never forget. Having known you my whole life, you have been a constant that I have cherished and will greatly miss. I will always remember your humour, your laughter and your care. In my thoughts, Alec