Samantha October 28th, 2020

Dearest Calvin   We count ourselves so blessed to have known you all your life.  We have wonderful memories of our first meeting with you.  We were so thrilled to give you Hobbs and even more thrilled that you loved him so much.   We remember a happy holiday in Italy, playing in the pool, playing in the park and making sand cars on the beach.  Our holiday in Cork wasn’t quite so sunny, but you and Hannah scootered around the caravan park and stayed up late.  We were in awe that you slept in late whilst Hannah continued to get up at 6am and rapidly turned into a monster child!  We so loved our time together near Lochness, playing in the river, making dams and skimming stones.  One of our favourite memories is of you and Alec enthralled at tiny town in Lego Land – the joy and awe clear from your faces.  We also have lots of happy memories of special moments in Scotland, including Hogmanay spent Scottish dancing at the Stubbs and Isabel’s 70th at the SU camp in Scoughall - you did a great job of helping your adopted grandma to blow out the candles.  And then there was the rugby – boys and dads on tour, beers, flags, shouting, regardless of the outcome for Scotland.     Through all these moments of family times together, we have watched your friendship with Alec grow - you always got on so brilliantly together.  It was wonderful to see that friendship deepen and mature as you, Jack and Alec spent summers together at SU camp and even more precious to see you all grow in your faith.   We are so thankful for your friendship and the times that you spent together, having fun but also encouraging one another. It feels like we only saw you the other day when Mal brought round the Morris Minor for you and the lads to look at.  There was a lot of banter and Mal was the butt of your jokes.  This and many other moments spent with you are now so special to us. We are so thankful that you have been such a precious part of our lives for 20 years, as the fun-loving youngster with the cheeky grin and as the kind, caring, encouraging and supportive adult you became.  We are so so sad to have lost you too soon and will miss you so much but we celebrate that you are home, filled with joy and praising the Lord you love. Thank you for sharing your life with us so generously.   We love you Mal and Sam