Megan October 31st, 2020

Calvin, Although we didn't grow up together exactly (my sisters and myself in Belfast, you and your family in Edinburgh), I still have such warm memories of times we got to spend with you. Going to the Sunday party at Granny and Granda's was always such good fun, and the times we all travelled to Portrush; turning blue from the cold of the sea never bothered us! It didn't matter whether we hadn't seen each other in months - we'd eat obscene amounts of sweets and play for hours! We've all certainly grown up since, but I still hold onto and cherish these memories. I know that since we relocated to Australia, we may have grown apart; it's been years. This will never change the fact that you are part of our family. Brian, Ruth and Eva - I am sorry that we can't be there for you and your family at this time.There are so many things I want to say, but simply don't have the words. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time, and that Calvin will forever remain in our hearts. All our love, Jasmine, Megan and Misha xxx