Adam October 24th, 2020

To Calvin I don’t really know where to start, I have to say just how fortunate I really was to be able to work with you for them 5 months, it didn’t really feel like that, it was as if I had known you for so much longer. I didn’t realise you would end up being such good friend in such a short amount of time. It was those days at work that I started earlier and I’d wait for you just for us to then spend all day building patio sets (even though I wasn’t meant to). You’d always end up doing something wrong even though I told you not to and we’d spend even longer fixing it all. We used to say to each other one day we’d run that place with all the work we did. We used to get all our work done and just muck about in the warehouse wasting time, we would do so much together and we were like the dream team, no one could beat us. We’d talk about ‘The last of us’ and how you managed to finish it while I was only an hour or two into the game. You were such a sweat and you’d try flex it even though you were on an easier difficulty than me, you’d always say there’s so many surprises in the game and I really do wish I could’ve shared the ending with you and talk about how good it really was and talk about these ‘surprises’ you kept teasing. Hopefully I’ll finish the game and finally realise what you meant and remember you. I’ll miss our walks home from work and we’d just talk about how much work we’re given and how good or bad our day had been. Talking about rugby and how you were so much better than me and how injury prone I was. One thing I will always remember is when that guy tried to steal the hot tub and you managed to pick it up effortlessly and sprint to the back of the store in an instant. We’d talk about uni and you would tell me about how your first year went and all the stuff you got up to. Even when I thought I’d never get into uni you’d always believe in me and I’m so grateful you did. Even after you left work I made sure to phone you whenever I had a problem with something at work and you’d always take your time out and tell me how to solve it. These memories are ones I’ll cherish forever, this time we spent together I’ll remember for as long as I live. In such a short amount of time I didn’t realise I could find such a good friend and I don’t think I’ll ever find someone like you ever again, you really were one of a kind. As a person you really were one smart, kind and caring guy and you made work better each day we were in together. I’ll always keep these times close to my heart and your fun and optimistic personality is something no one will ever forget, I’m sure of it. There’s just so much I wish I could say to you but im sure that these memories that you left us will be talked about for years and years to come. We really will miss you and I am so glad to call you my friend x Adam