Andrew October 31st, 2020

Calvin, We have known you all your days. We have witnessed and shared in the delight you brought your parents when you came into the world 20 years ago. We have seen you grow and display aspects of the personality of your parents, while being very much your own boy and man. Though we have always known you, we see now how few were the occasions when we could really get to know you. We know you as one of those people everyone welcomes when he walks in a room. We know you to be wry and entertaining and kind and bright and able. The apple of your father’s eye, joy of your mother’s heart, a gallus brother, a steadfast friend. You have been a lifelong friend to our son Jack, and it has been a joy to us that the sons of our friends should become such good friends themselves. Moreso that your friendship with Jack & Alec was in no small measure as you together lit up Scripture Union camps at Lendrick Muir and in the growth of your faith in Jesus Christ. He gets to complete the work he began in you now and we must wait. Wait to see you as a finished work in him, wait to enjoy your presence again as together we share an eternity together, our tears wiped away and the pain we feel now passed. We give thanks to God for you and all that you mean to your family, friends, to us and to so many. With love, Jeanne & Andrew