Georgia November 2nd, 2020

Calvin, For as long as I can remember you have been such a huge part of all of our lives. I was lucky enough to be in both your primary classes and most of our early high school classes. It was clear from day one how unbelievably smart you were. You were always there for me to ask questions when I had no idea what was going on. Your smile and laugh were so infectious and you had the kindest soul. For many of my school years I spent a lot of time in your excellent trumpet playing shadows. I will always be thankful for you trying to teach me the concert pieces in the music room five minutes before we were supposed to play them. Your patience for me and my lack of talent was incredible. As we got into the later stages of school we were in less classes together (partly because you picked the difficult subjects) but we shared so many free periods together. The trips to Maria’s for bacon rolls and the intense uno competitions that took place will forever be some of my fondest memories at school. On the weekends Calvin you certainly were the hostess with the mostess! The amount of times you opened your house up for us all to get together was amazing. You also made the best mojitos I’ve ever had!! I can’t really come to grips with the fact you’re gone but I know we’ll play trumpet together one day again. All my love to you, your parents and Eva. Rest in peace, Georgia x