Emma October 28th, 2020

My memories of Calvin are all informed by his role as an AlcoLOL at Portobello High School. He was selected for this project by his peers who thought he was ideal because of his easy going communication style, and his kind and gentle non-judgemental approach to others. When I asked them how they selected AlcoLOLs, the pupils explained that they chose people who were popular in their group – not because they were especially cool or a ‘top dog’ but because everyone thought they were nice. And that sums Calvin up for me. It’s not easy to create a brave space in which young people can sit and talk about drinking in supportive environment that didn’t make people feel that they had to ‘posture’ or perform (as is often required of young people in our drinking culture). All the AlcoLOLs were driven by desire to improve life for younger pupils in their community and to show that even shy people could speak authentically without being judged or ridiculed. And Calvin was brave enough to model that for 100s of younger pupils at Porty. And he always went out of his way to check in and chat whenever I met him – even recently whilst he was working at The Range he chatted away. A very special and lovely boy who will be very much missed - who has affected not just his close friends but also all those young pupils who looked up to him and now feel confident to make positive choices and get their voices heard because of him.