Lewis October 30th, 2020

Calvin, Throughout the second half of high school I was lucky enough to know Calvin as one of my best friends. Calvin was always so confident and never took himself too seriously to have fun. From his ballroom dancing skills winning strictly to all the fun stories we had interrailing, his constant talkative nature and sense of humour. Calvin was the life of every party, with a great number of the best ones actually being hosted by him anyway. Something so unique to him was how present he always was. When you talked to him you always felt he was so engaged and he was so lively any time he was in a group and it always seemed like within all of his friend groups Calvin was always a common link, loved by everyone. He tried his best with everything he did and he was so loyal to all of his friends and family. Although it’s a cliché in these sorts of things, it really is so true for him; Calvin got on so well with literally everyone he interacted with and nobody ever had anything bad to say about him. We even joked occasionally that Calvin didn’t dislike anyone as he would always jump to someone’s defense and see he really liked someone when one of his friends was moaning about some distant acquaintance. Spending the summer after school Interrailling around Europe with him is honestly my favourite set of memories and there’s so many amazing memories which even before this terrible news I used to think of fondly so regularly and in this last couple of weeks have really brought a lot of comfort to remember you with at your best. In fifth and sixth year we thought we were hard done to suffering through biology and chemistry classes only to spend almost every free period playing uno (with the cards you brought to school every day) and then most weekends having fun with tipsy Calvin at a house party on the Saturday night and then relaxing for a few hours watching fantasy football every Sunday night. With this routine as well as all the amazing fun one offs, Calvin was a huge source of joy and fun for me and a truly fantastic friend and I’m sure he reached so many others too. Although you’re gone so soon, you lived each day with so much energy and love for everyone around you. You’ll be missed so much. Lewis