Lewis October 30th, 2020

Calvin, Rugby introduced us in the Porty High team, you were impossible not to like and I found a friend in you very quickly. Most all of my best memories of Rugby have you in them, Baltic weekday nights training in the dark at cavalry park, sunny sevens tournament’s, early Saturday kick offs, and thrashings with the club side on a Sunday, and especially playing against you when I moved to Boroughmuir. Off the pitch, I had many great times with you, I think one of my favourites would have to be your own house party when your window got smashed. You let us stay till 4am chatting in your kitchen. Even the little things I did with you like playing PlayStation are a source of great memories for me now. Whilst I can never claim to have been one of your closest friends, you meant a lot to me and I will miss your smile and your laugh above all else. You were a teammate and a captain to me but also a great friend and an incredible person. If you have taught me anything it’s to be kinder to others and work hard at the things I love. I’m so grateful for the memories I have with you, the friends you shared with me and the privilege to have known you. Love, Lewis T x