Cosmas October 31st, 2020

Calvin, I still can’t believe this happened, even after a week trying to process it. We never really spent much time to get to know each other well, but it didn’t take me more than a minute to realise your kind, gentle, friendly and welcoming personality. Coming to study in the UK without anyone I could turn to for anything, it was so daunting. But your family has always been there for me. But what made me even happier is how you were always so happy to have me and my friends without making me feel like I was a visitor or stranger. It actually felt like my home and family. And that has really been impactful on me. Thank you for making it possible. I wish I could thank you properly for the barbecues and all the games I learnt from you. You were always creative, adventurous and smart, but you had a unique ability to be competitive and win without making others feel like they have lost. That was really admirable and encouraging to play with you. I just didn’t know our table tennis game a month ago would be the last. It’s really heartbreaking. Yea, it’s very sad and difficult to process all this. But this seems to be the mystery of life, you left us reevaluating our own lives and what it means to have amazing people around us like you, how they make such an impact even within the shortest time. We are grief stricken, but we are happy to have known you. Till we meet again, Cosmo.