The loveliest toddler, boy, young man, ever

Created by Emma 6 months ago

I can't believe I am writing this, which must be the same for everyone contributing. The shock and grief is just overwhelming.

I knew Calvin first when we moved to Willowbrae Road,  our back garden was just across the bowling club lane from his garden. It was the start of a beautiful friendship for my son Joe, then 3, with Calvin 2, and for me with his absolutely lovely family Ruth, Brian and Eva.

Calvin and Joe were the best of friends, their birthdays were 2 days apart, so for 2 days each year, they were the same age. We had a joint party for their 4th and 5th birthdays, the superhero party at Meadowbank. Cubs together in St James Portobello. 

Calvin, from the age of 2, was just the nicest, kindest, most polite, appreciative, easy boy ever. I have so many memories of things we did, and happy happy times shared. A trip to Alnwick Castle gardens, a caravan stay in Berwick, some lovely Northumberland beaches. Going to the opening of the parliament at Holyrood. Camps with his wee gang, with Mo and Jesse. Birthdays - the come as your favourite animal one of Mo's, Craigmillar adventure playpark. Happy Gang, tubing at Hillend.

Everything I know of him, saw of him, heard of him, was just quietly, unassumingly, kind, gentle, thoughtful, and the sort of person that made every gathering better - whether an intergenerational family or social event or party, with his wee gang, or something sporty. Calvin was both skilled, hardworking and very talented, but he wore his achievements and abilities very lightly. He was just goodness, and kindness, personified. 

Cavin's friendship was really important to Joe: so much shared childhood,  so many memories, and shared adventures, from plotting escapes from Red Apple Nursery, meeting by chance on Lake Bled while interrailing, to East Lothian beaches this summer.

Calvin, you were loved so much, and we will always hold you in our hearts. We will hold you in the Light.