Created by Katherine 6 months ago

"Guys... Calvin, Moses, Duncan, Aaron... shhh for just a second... just a second... I've got a challenge for you all..." this is how most weeks started at 'gospel' our church youth group. 
My Sunday mornings were filled with joy and laughter each week with these guys and the girls of course (Sally, Ruth, Eve and Hae-young) as we met to talk about God, played games and made a mess. I always knew if I could get Calvin's attention for something then the others would likely comply too, I wouldn't call him a ring leader but definitely a good influencer of calm amidst the hilarity (well for at least a few minutes at a time anyway).

Over the years of being one of Calvin's church youth leaders it was incredible to see him grow in maturity and demonstrate the love of God to those around him, always kind yet still full of fun, he made our times at church, camps and holiday clubs so much fun. He was the 'cool' young person to have around and he had an amazing gift of making everyone feel like they fitted in, he even made me feel like I wasn't too old and 'uncool'. 

I could always rely on Calvin to lead games and invent challenges at holiday club and be the star of any drama we did during family services or holiday clubs (along with Aaron and his interesting American God voice). Calvin could turn his hand to any character, a Scottish 'McSporridge', an enthusiastic backpacker, a mad inventor, an Egyptian explorer. He allowed his face to be covered in make-up, to be cream pied, and dressed up in all sorts of interesting costumes. He could be the goodie 'Joseph' with Sally being his Mary or a baddie 'Herod' and would always invent an accent to fit..
The children at holiday club looked up to you so much and the way you cared for them and interacted with them on their level was so special. Eva definitely had a very special big brother!! 

Calvin was never too old to join in with anything, he was looked up to by everyone, he was always up to mischief with the lads... Mo, Jesse, Duncan, Aaron. He was always so helpful and never dull. Geni, Reilly, Esther, Kenneth, Samuel, Naomi, Ailsa and I will continue to remember you as we meet each Sunday and think of how you were such a big part of church life. 

I will always remember how much you served others, by sharing your testimony with so many at holiday club, your willingness to serve us tea and coffee and meatballs when we came round for dinner, and your willingness to let me serve the ball in table tennis when I was your partner in Glasgow at the book club. You never got mad at me when I played badly and you had to put up with my awful co-ordination as we played against James and Aaron. You encouraged me and I'm sure I got a little better because of your coaching... Lol!! The kindness you showed to James by letting him stay with you in Glasgow will never be forgotten, the way you kept your Monday nights free for him and made him dinner (you showed me up as a cook lol), you made his bed for him and cleared it up after him, such servant hearted kindness will forever be remembered.... James always looked forward to staying with you each week and he always came home happy and with lovely stories from hanging out with you.

You will be missed so so much from our lives. Calvin we love you to bits and the precious memories we have will always be with us.

Katherine xxx